Some ecologic catastrophes are absolutely natural: a volcano or an earthquake. They are unenviable and beyond Mankind's control. Many ecological catastrophes are due to irresponsible human behavior. Our role as the most developed creature on Earth is clearly defined: It is our responsibility to protect the environment where we live.

This music portraits ecological catastrophes, that were man-made, unnecessary and avoidable, and extremely damaging to our environment.

The immediate effect is never noticeable. The middle term may only be visible to scientists or to those particularly interested in ecology. But the catastrophic conclusion will be deadly for all inhabitants of planet Earth.
The Great Rain Forests of the Amazons are an integral part of Earth's ecological system. The Green Lung turns carbon dioxide into oxygen, providing clean air for all creatures on the planet to breath. Also, these forests have provided a habitat for animals and plants for millions of years.

In the last few decades, Man has turned greater areas of these forests into graze land for cattle. Majestic trees, some over 100 years old, thousands of animals, and rare plants have been eliminated forever. Tragically the balance between CO2 and oxygen has changed dramatically. Thus the damage to the Rain Forests is detrimental for Earth entirely.

A man-made catastrophe.
Due to the increase of CO2, the global temperature has been drastically affected. A rise of average temperatures, even if fractional, leads to the melting of the glaciers at the North and South Pole. The ocean rises and in the next human generation many cities will wiped away by water.

It lies in Mankind's hand to change this.
In the only country, where atomic bombs were dropped, a combination of catastrophes cumulated. A tsunami struck Japan in 2011 and, affected by this, an atomic energy plant went out of control and exploded. With better planning and more caution, this could have been avoided. The flooding water carried radioactivity deep into the land and back to the ocean, contaminating earth and water.

It is Mankind's responsibility to prevent such.
The African environmental system functioned over centuries. Particular farming methods did not include crop rotation and thus the land yielded less and less. With the changing of Earth's climate, vast areas lost even more fertility and became deserts. Since its rays are no longer filtered by the atmosphere, the Sun shines mercilessly, literally burning green fields and vegetation. Water becomes scarce and Man, Fauna, and Flora can no longer flourish.

Again, this catastrophe is due to Mankind's behavior.
In 2010 an oil drilling platform exploded. Millions of barrels of oil flowed into the Gulf of Mexico. There had been oil catastrophes in the past, and many coasts had to be freed from leaked oil, but this was one of the biggest ecological catastrophes in the history of mankind.

The highly developed technology of the Oil Industry was not able to prevent is or to contain it. It took weeks to stop the leak. No one knows which long term effect will develop, what damage to the fish population, how long it will take for the area to regenerate, or how to prevent this in the future.

Again Mankind has the intelligence to change this.
More cars than ever. Fossil fuel creates smoke and CO2 when it combusts. Normally this disperses, although CO2 still lingers in the atmosphere. However, the air circulation In Beijing and many other cities is affected by weather conditions to the extent, that the exhaust of thousands of cars and trucks does not disperse. Air becomes poisonous, breathing harder. The very basis of existence is dramatically endangered.

Mankind can change this.
The oil reserves are diminishing. In the frantic search for new oil reserves, fracking was developed. It is totally unclear how this method will affect the environment.

Some of the potential fields where fracking could be used lie in South Dakota, the home of Native Americans. It was their massive protest, that lead to a stop, an end of fracking in their area. No one knows, however, how long this cease will hold. Legislation is still pending and may re-initiate and enforce Fracking on sacred grounds.

It was Humans that stopped this. We see that Ii is possible for Mankind to stop environmental stupidity.
image The Artists
The animals of the Rain Forests (authentic recordings)
The penguins of the South Pole, original recordings from research labs
Die Friedensglocke von Hiroshima in der Aegiedienkirche, Hannover, Germany
Native Americans

Bernadette Heghi, Vocals
Angela Wirts, Viola
Joachim Schween, Lure
Andreas Strunkeit, Flute
Zhenfang Zhang, Erhu

Audio recording: Andreas Strunkeit, Hannover Germany
and Kristian Metzner, Stuttgart, Germany
Sound Engineering and Mastering: Arnold Gaus
Coaching: Ben Douglass
Composition and electronics: George Speckert