The First
Generation Americans
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The Life Story of the Rheinländers

Usually history is written from the perspective of the rulers, kings or dictators. A depiction from the view of a common man does not correlate with the standard history book.

Marinus Rheinländer and his son, Oscar, followed a German tradition by noting important family happenings in their Bible. Starting in the year 1844, when Marinus had just arrived in America, and ending in 1917 with the death of Oscar, these notes are a vivid documentation of what the family experienced in St. Louis in the course of three generations.

No one in the family became famous as a politician, war hero, criminal, inventor or artist. But they were part of the history of St. Louis.




The time before

The 1840s - St. Louis population: 16,500

Oscar Rheinländer (1863)
The 1850s - St. Louis population: 77,860

The 1860s - St. Louis population: 160,733

The 1870s - St. Louis population: 310,869

The 1880s - St. Louis population: 350,318

The 1890s - St. Louis population: 452,770

The 1900s - St. Louis population: 575,238

The 1910s - St. Louis population: 687,029

Oscar and Lisette Rheinländer (1910)
The time after


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