Just Another Immigrant
ISBN-13: 978-1532970382
ISBN-10: 1532970382

The reconstructed biography of Barbara Zimmermann

140 years ago thousands of families emigrated from Germany to America. Many of them were poor and without hope. In America they could start a new life, were able to get work and were successful. This was only possible due to three things: a strong will of survival, luck and help from others.

This is the story of Barbara Zimmermann (1872-1960), a woman of German decent born in Hungary, who went through tremendous turmoil to get her and her two sons to the land of her hopes.

The real American Dream.

This book also includes recipes from the Old Country and accordion-music from the collection of her son Wendell.

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Barbara Zimmermann age 18


The Sunroom

Városlöd, Hungary
1.1 Family Zimmermann
1.2 Barbara falls in love
1.3 The villagers
1.4 Back home
1.5 Barbara goes to work in Vesprem
1.6 On her way home
1.7 A family meeting
1.8 The villagers again
1.9 Barbara and Vendel become engaged
1.10 The wedding plans
1.11 Alich Susanne dies
1.12 The wake and funeral

The Wedding
2.1 Four days before
2.2 The morning of the Wedding
2.3 The way to the church
2.4 Back to the Alich farm

The young family
3.1 Vendel the Tailor
3.2 Vendel leaves for the military
3.3 Wendell is born
spacer 3.4 Political tension
3.5 Vendel comes back
3.6 The owl hoots again
3.7 Johann is born
3.8 The trip begins
3.9 On the ship
3.10 On high sea
3.11 A nasty storm
3.12 A sense of time

South America
4.1 Arrival
4.2 Looking for work
4.3 Off to São Paulo
4.4 Vendel becomes ill
4.5 Vendel passes
4.6 How to survive?
4.7 A little luck
4.8 Back at the Hospedaria
4.9 The City Museum
4.10 Daily work
4.11 The snake
4.12 Return home

Back to Városlöd
5.1 Home again, but still a time of separation
spacer 5.2 Barbara goes to work in Budapest
5.3 Bad news from America
5.4 Going to school
5.5 Sundays
5.6 Barbara comes home
5.7 The accordion
5.8 Barbara leaves for America

The New World - Silver and gold coins on the streets
spacer 6.1 Ellis Island
6.2 Work at the rubber plant
6.3 Renting rooms and Mr. Bischoff
6.4 Good news from America
6.5 Wendell and Uncle Tony leave for America
6.6 On the S.S. La Gascogne
6.7 Ellis Island
6.8 Finally in Mutter's arms
6.9 St. Louis, Mo.
6.10 Getting John over

As years go on
7.1 Life in St. Louis
7.2 The Good Samaritan Home


Barbara Zimmermann age 80
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